About Wessper

    Brand Wessper was founded in 2016 to provide a broader audience with access to modern household appliances and accessories. Initially, we offered mainly vacuum cleaner parts, such as paper and synthetic bags and filters.Over time, however, it has been expanded with more products: vacuum cleaner fragrances, water filters, electric toothbrushes, and finally small household appliances – filter jugs.

    We sell products that we use by ourselves and which we are sure of. With affordable prices, the capabilities of our appliances and household appliances can be used by everyone, improving the quality of their lives. We choose accessories that can be used in every home and which You would like to buy with pleasure again. We focus on quality. We take care of the high quality materials and precision of execution to meet the requirements of every customer.


    In a short time we have built trust in our brand, we are happy to get more and more interest in our products, as evidenced by the growing group of customers and distributors.


    We have experience in creating products with different manufacturers, thanks to which we can recognize the highest quality and choose the best solutions. Our design team is people with practical knowledge of the construction of home accessories from different parts of the world. Together, we create products that we’re proud of.


    Our products are made of high quality materials, we focus on plastics which are not easily damaged and serve for a long time. We know that these products are the best, because we also use them.