How to choose the right a bag for your vacume cleaner?

    Select vacuum cleaner bags and filters based on the vacuum cleaner model. With our products you will find a list of vacuum cleaners to which they fit. You can find the model of your vacuum cleaner on its nameplate.

    How do I check which vacuum cleaner model I have?

    The vacuum cleaner model can be found on the nameplate. It is usually mounted on the bottom of the device.

    Where to buy a bag, filter and other parts for the vacuum cleaner?

    You can buy bags and other accessories from our distributors, you can find the full list HERE

    How to choose a right vacuum cleaner brush?

    The nozzles and brushes are sized to the diameter of the vacuum cleaner tube. In Zelmer * vacuum cleaners the brushes are mounted inside the tube, the outer diameter of the brush is 31.5 mm, the inner tube diameter is 32 mm. In other vacuum cleaners the brush is mounted on the pipe, the inside diameter of the brush should be slightly larger than the outer diameter of the pipe.
    You can also choose a universal brush that will fit any vacuum cleaner by adjusting the clamping diameter (30-38 mm).

    How to use the fragnance for the vacuum cleaner?

    Wessper fragrances are intended for both bag and bagless vacuum cleaners. Place the fragrance cartridge in a vacuum cleaner bag or container.

    How often do you replace the vacuum cleaner filter?

    The frequency of replacement of vacuum cleaner filters depends on the intensity of use of the vacuum cleaner. On average, it is recommended to change once every six months. However, if the vacuum cleaner works worse, it overheats or its suction power decreases, then changing the filter can improve the operation of the device.

    Can I clean vacuum cleaner filters in the water?

    Filters made of polyester can be rinsed with water, but this does not guarantee the restoration of their original condition. Cellulose filters should not be cleaned in water, you can clean them mechanically to get rid of some impurities.

    What models does the moisture absorber fit for?

    The cartridge fits all absorbers with a tank for condensed water with a minimum capacity of 250g.

    In which space can I use an absorber?

    You can effectively use one cartridge in rooms up to 20 m2. In larger rooms, place the amount of absorbers appropriate to the area.

    Can the moisture absorber cartridge be used in the car?

    Can be used in the car, but it should be placed in the absorber, because the mixture absorbing moisture turns it into a liquid that condenses in the lower container of the absorber. Do not put the cartridge “loose” in the vehicle.

    What is the lifetime of the contribution to the moisture absorber?

    The cartridge works effectively up to 3 months, however, this time may vary due to the different levels of air humidity.

    The carbon filter does not match my hood, what should I do?

    The carbon filter should be cut to the size of the hood.

    How to use the iron stick?

    Spread the stick on the heated soleplate of the iron and, after cooling, rub the iron with cotton or other natural fabric.