What is a water filter jug and what is it for?

    The filter jug is used to improve the quality of tap water. The filter mounted in it reduces chlorine concentration and softens water. Jugs with AquaPro water ionizer additionally increase the pH of water and reduce the level of negative ORP (water becomes an antioxidant).

    How to use a water filter jug?

    1. Wash the jug with a mild detergent every time you replace the filter.
    2. Unpack the filter from the foil and soak it in water for 10-15 minutes.
    3. Place the filter in the jug.
    4. Fill the jug with water and then pour out the filtered water. Repeat the process 2-3 times to clean the filter.
    5. Set the filter wear indicator.
    6. The water filter jug is ready for use.

    What kind of plastic is the filter jug made of?

    The jug is made of ABS plastic, free of BPA. This material is approved for contact with food and has the appropriate certificates (CE, RoHS).

    Is the water filter jug has guarantee?

    We offer a 24-month warranty, but do not cover any mechanical damage, such as: a crack during a fall.

    Does the water filter jug have a filter use indicator?

    It has an electronic filter wear indicator in which you choose the number of people using the filtered water. The indicator will signal the need to change the filter in a timely manner – a blinking X symbol will appear.
    There is also a manual indicator in the 2.5 liter jugs, where you can set the filter date in the jug.

    How to clean the jug? Can it be washed in a dishwasher?

    Clean the jug with a mild detergent or use a dishwasher. To do this remove the lid and pull out the center of the jug. With the electronic indicator, wipe the part with a damp cloth so as not to damage the mechanism.

    Why does a green or white covering appear in the jug?

    Green sediment is growing algae. They can appear in a favorable environment: the location of the pitcher in a warm, sunny place. To prevent this, wash the jug at least every time you replace the filter and store the jug with water in a cool place, the refrigerator.

    The white precipitate appearing on the lid and the top of the pitcher is a limescale that precipitates from the water. You will remove the using citric acid.The white precipitate formed due to the use of AquaPro filters is a normal situation, because this filter enriches water into minerals and thus alkalises it. The filter is not intended for softening water, but for alkalinizing and raising the pH.

    How much water pour into the filtering jug?

    Fill the entire top part of the pitcher.

    Where can I buy a filter jug?

    As a producer, we do not run direct retail sales. All our products are available from distributors. You can find a list of stores HERE.

    I received a broken jug, can I return it?

    Contact the seller from whom you made the purchase. After considering the complaint, the jug will be replaced with a new one.