The significant impact of water on the human body is undeniable. Each of us should drink about 2 liters of water a day, and in the warm months even more. Why is water so essential and what kind is the healthiest?

The role of water

Water is primarily responsible for keeping your body temperature and removing toxins from your body. The human body can not store water, and it loses it with many processes (digestion, breathing), states and physical activity – so it is important to drink enough liquid each day.
Just a little water shortage causes headaches – instead of going straight to the painkiller, drink a glass of water and see if it improves. Other symptoms of too little water in the body are memory problems, dry skin, or mucosal dryness.
With water we also supply many micronutrients necessary for proper functioning.

Which water to choose?

The healthiest for us is mineral water, rich in micronutrients in ionized form, especially in magnesium and calcium. Magnesium affects proper functioning of the immune system and participates in many biochemical processes.The daily requirement of the body for magnesium is about 300 mg. Calcium is responsible for strong bones and thier joints, affects blood coagulation, normal heart function, eliminates allergic reactions. We need about 800 – 1200 mg daily.
It is known that tap water in many Polish towns is rich in the mentioned mineral components. It only needs adequate filtration to reduce the amount of ingredients that negatively affect its quality – chlorine, rust, sand, pesticides, herbicides.
Wessper water filters allow the purification of water from pollutants, including the reduction of calcium, magnesium and potassium – usually to the level of mineral water (depending on the composition of mineral tap water). Water filtration at home is a healthy solution that also serves the environment (reducing waste production), we get water that is suitable for the human body.
Wessper’s alkaline filters make water healthier and rich in minerals. The filter cartridge affects the structure of water molecules – they become better absorbed. The filter reduces the amount of components responsible for the hardness of the water, while simultaneously enriching the water with healthy components in the form of ions. Also, the pH * is changed to higher – to regulate the digestive system.
* alkaline water should be introduced in stages, do not suddenly change the eating habits.

Among the various types of bottled water, besides mineral ones, we can name spring and medicinal waters.
Spring water – although the name sounds nice and tempting, the composition of the water is very poor, it contains small amounts of minerals. On the other hand, we have curative waters that are high in mineral content and are not intended for daily use, but for careful use, usually in urinary tract disorders or diabetes. So the most optimal solution seems to be in everyone’s access: filtered tap water, the content of micronutrients is neither too high nor too low.