We introduce you new product to the market: AquaPro Alkaline water filter jugs. They purify, raise pH, mineralizes, make the water has excellent taste and health properties.

To meet market requirements, we have introduced alkaline jugs with significantly higher capacity than standard commercially available filters. Already 1 alkaline filter will clean 300 liters of water, and such amount is surely enough even 2 months *!

Wessper jugs are available in 3 colors: white, black and blue and 2 capacities: 2.5 l and 3.5 l. The universal and minimalist design makes them perfect for every kitchen.

Efficiency and cost savings

Choosing a water jug is a step into life with respect of the environment. Our interchangeable inserts are designed to provide exceptionally long-term water
purification: 1 cartridge can filter up to 300 liters of water. A is the equivalent of 200 – 1.5 liter bottles, which means we have a solution for the daily purchase of water bottles and waste production like plastic bottles.

Alkaline water

Alkaline water has an alkaline pH, usually from 8.5 to 10; Thanks to such pH values, it promotes the acid-alkaline balance of the body, perfectly hydrates and builds immunity. AquaPro replacement cartridges also have a number of components that filter the water: it mineralizes it and rebuilds its structure for better absorption. Water is also enriched with antioxidants by reducing ORP levels by 300 – 350 mv.

* for 1 person 1 filter is 2 months of use.