At Wessper we specialize in the production of water filters. We have a modern production line that is able to produce about 2.5 million filters per year.
    We offer comprehensive design and production of goods under the Client / Private Label / OEM brand. We guarantee the production with specific parameters and quantities that meet the expectations and requirements of our Contractor.

    Our team of specialists ensures the correct course of each production stage, from design to mold preparation, filter composition and packaging. During production, internal controls are to preserve the standard specified in the order.

    Our products are certified and approved for contact with food – they have PZH and FDA approval. The materials we use are BPA free – do not contain the harmful substance bisphenol A and are safe for health. We also have CE and RoHS certificates, meaning that our products meet EU standards

    Cooperation with the client is conducted on the basis of a transparent process, which consists of:

    1. Projects

    We create the concept of a new product according to the customer’s requirements, taking into account the individual shape of the filter housing and the composition of the filtration mixture. Our graphic designers in cooperation with the designers prepare a detailed 3D project and visualization using professional software, which allows to obtain clean and clear project documentation.

    2. Prototyping

    We choose individual elements of the product to be the most faithful representation of the project. At the design stage some dependencies related to functionality may be omitted, which is why on the basis of the prototype we examine the product’s properties and the interaction of its individual parts. This allows you to make changes that allow you to construct a product without defects. The result of our work is a full-value prototype, which will serve as a model for production.

    3. Packaging design

    On request, we design packaging according to the Customer’s visual identification and its requirements.

    4. Production

    The production volume and date are set individually at the ordering stage. On our production line we are able to produce about 2.5 million filters per year. The components for production are monitored in terms of quality, the values of individual parameters must be maintained at appropriate levels. This allows you to make filters that are an exact representation of the prototype.

    5. Supply

    Shipment of batches of finished products to the indicated place.

    We enable any selection of components that make up the product.

    Our products are very popular with customers.

    We have a specialized, modern production line.

    Our factory is located in the EU.

    We use proven production solutions tested during the design and manufacture of our own products.

    We offer comprehensive solutions: from the product concept, through production and packaging, to delivery anywhere in the world.