While the vacuum cleaner itself can run efficiently and for a long time with proper use, its individual parts may need to be replaced or supplemented. To increase the comfort of using the vacuum cleaner, as well as to maintain its efficiency, it is not only bags, filters, brushes and suckers, but also vacuum cleaner tubes. You can also buy capsules, eliminating the unpleasant odor of dust that appears during vacuuming.

    Vacuum Cleaner Freshener

    It eliminates the unpleasant smell of dust and cigarette smoke, leaving the house with lavender freshness. It is intended for use in all models of bag and bagless vacuum cleaners. The fragrance sticks are enough to be put in the vacuum cleaner bag or container in the vacuum cleaner.

    Telescopic tube for the vacuum cleaner

    Made of strong and durable metal, it has a fixing system 32 mm Zelmer and 32 mm – used in vacuum cleaners of other brands. The telescopic tube is made of two parts connected together, 92 cm long and 56 cm long folded.