Wessper water filters Your way for healthier water


    AquaPro Alkaline filters increase the pH of the water by enriching with minerals, alkalizing, purifying water from chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals. The obtained water contains sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium ions.
    Its composition may resemble bottled water, although much depends on the original content of minerals in tap water. This water is great for drinking without need for boiling it before the use.

    Cheap solution

    The Wessper filter allows you to obtain water with quality of bottled water. By choosing Wessper filters, you save up to 70% of the expenses allocated to the same amount of bottled water. In addition, you save space because filtered water does not need to be stored as is necessary for bottled water.
    Just pour water into the filter jug and it’s ready! Always fresh. Always healthy.

    More space

    The choice of the Wessper filter cartridge means not only increasing the quality of the water itself, but also many other advantages. One of them is saving space in the house, which would otherwise be used for packs of bottled water. Thanks to the filter jug, it is aesthetically and clean!

    You are eco friendly

    One person consume about 30 bottles of water on average per month, that is, throws around 360 bottles a year. With the Wessper filter you limit the production of this type of waste. And instead of throwing out 360 empty bottles, you throw away 12 filters, the contribution of which is recycled.

    Water with great taste

    The Wessper water filter makes filtered water free of the smell and taste of chlorine.

    Filtration layers:

    Filter mesh

    It stops larger impurities such as: rust, sand, sediment.

    Activated carbon

    In the catalytic absorption and reduction process, it removes pesticides, herbicides, chlorine and detergents. It visibly improves the smell and taste of water.

    Ion exchange resin

    It removes excess magnesium and calcium ions, which reduces the hardness of water.

    Ceramic balls

    They reduce the ORP level by 300-350mv, making the water an excellent antioxidant that eliminates free radicals.

    Alkaline deposit

    They increase the pH level of water, making it take health-enhancing properties.

    Mineral balls

    They gradually release minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body, making the water obtain isotonic properties.


    Stops contaminants inside the filter.

    Using AquaPro alkaline filters, you limit chlorine and ingredients in water that can affect its color, taste and smell. Thanks to this, the obtained water has a very similar taste to the bottled and you can easily drink it without boiling.

    Alkaline water, enriched with calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, is characterized by low levels of ORP and pH between 8.5 - 10. It is rich in minerals, necessary for the proper functioning of the body, so it is best to use it to prepare cold drinks (cooking causes precipitation of minerals and formation of sediment).





    Cold drinks


    • Reduces chlorine
    • Reduces heavy metals
    • Enriches with minerals (magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium)
    • Raises the pH

    Each of us consists of 60% water

    It is essential in maintaining the proper functioning of the body, the loss of already 10% of water causes inability to take any physical effort. That is why proper hydration of the body is so important.

    How much water you should drink?

    On average, it is assumed that one liter of water should be drunk per day for 30 kg of body weight. This demand also depends on physical activity. The more you move, the more water you should drink.

    It's good to know what you drink

    Filtered tap water is one of the best choices. In its composition it contains valuable minerals, and in the filtration process it is free of harmful heavy metals and sediments.