For upholstery

    They are characterized by small size and special electrostatic strips that attract and collect even the smallest impurities. Not infrequently, there are openings in the suction cups to prevent complete suction to the substrate, which makes it easier to guide the suction nozzle on the selected surface and speed up cleaning. The small size of the suction nozzle is ideal for vacuuming armchairs, sofas and all kinds of upholstery.


    Perfect for vacuuming larger surfaces, they easily absorb dirt from parquet floors, tiles or short-pile carpets. The mobile strip and wheels provide comfort during vacuuming, thanks to which you can freely adjust the position of the brush and precisely guide it on the selected surface. Our brushes also have a low threshold for vacuuming in hard to reach places, eg under furniture.


    Designed for special tasks, they have a roller, which under the influence of the sucked air rotates by sweeping hair, fur and other impurities from the rug. Especially appreciated by the owners of animals for whom cleaning is troublesome due to the large amount of hair left by the quadrupeds.
    The turbo brush allows effective cleaning of carpets, copes with dirt that causes the problem of ordinary vacuum cleaner brushes.

    Electrostatic strips

    They absorb the smallest impurities and hair, support precise vacuuming.

    Small holes in the brush

    They prevent the brush from sticking to the ground, allowing for smooth vacuuming.

    Low profile

    It is a small brush height, which allows you to reach hard to reach spaces under furniture.

    Ruchoma listwa

    It allows for any brush control during vacuuming and adapts it to the selected surface.

    Synthetic bristles

    It sweeps hair, fur, threads, dust, like a broom - it allows you to collect all the impurities and transfer them directly to the suction tube of the vacuum cleaner.

    Rubber bar

    Stops even the finest impurities, allows for exceptional accuracy during vacuuming.

    Button for pulling out the bristles

    Bristles are useful for cleaning parquet or tiles, however, it is no longer needed when you want to vacuum the carpet. That is why we have introduced the possibility of adapting the bristles in the brush to the type of the surface that you would like to vacume.

    Rotating roller with bristles

    It is an element of a turbo brush which rotates under the influence of the sucked air. The bristles collect threads, fur, hair and dust from a hard-to-clean surface such as a rug.

    Different types of brushes are selected to the diameter of the suction tube. This means that if the outer diameter of the pipe equals 31.5 mm, it should be selected with a brush with an inner diameter of 32 mm.
    The exception is Zelmer vacuum cleaner accessories – here the brush is mounted inside the tube, which has an internal diameter of 32 mm, and the brush has an external diameter of 31.5 mm.
    Universal brushes, on the other hand, fit all vacuum cleaners whose tube has a round cross-section with a diameter of 30-38 mm.

    Montage of brush in Zelmer vacuum cleaners

    Mouting the brush in other Zelmer vacuum cleaners