Liquid descaler

    Regular descaling prevents scale build-up on the equipment walls and positively affects the quality of prepared beverages. Using the CleanMax descaler increases the time of efficient and trouble-free operation of the kettle or coffee machine!

    One bottle is enough for five descaling if it is used in accordance with the instructions – do not exceed 100 ml per 1 liter of water for coffee machines and kettles, and 100 ml of liquid for 500 ml of water in the case of descaling the iron.


    Descaler in tablets

    Descaler in the form of tablets – quickly dissolves and effectively removes the stone deposited in a kettle, coffee machine, iron or humidifier. The removal of scale from these devices favors their correct and optimal operation, allows you to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the coffee machine.

    Descaling is the best way to protect devices and their long and efficient operation!

    Limscale is one of the most common causes of damage to coffee machines and kettles.
    Regular descaling is necessary for these devices to work optimally and their service life is as long as possible. The cleaning of devices from scale deposits not only affects the length of their efficient work, but also the quality of beverages prepared in these devices – thanks to this you can enjoy delicious coffee and tea.

    Wessper descans are great for many types of devices, above all they are intended for: coffee machines, kettles, irons, air humidifiers.

    Each of our descaling products must be used according to the guidelines on the packaging or according to the instructions for the specific device. The correct use of descalers allows to maintain safety and effective cleaning of devices from scale deposits.

    Hard water causes deposits of calcium, magnesium and potassium to form on the walls of devices that come into contact with water. The level of water hardness affects the rate of scale deposition, if the water is hard, descaling should be carried out frequently.

    The limescale deposited in the equipment deteriorates their operation and in extreme cases can lead to “blocking” our devices. In machines, limescale may reveal the obstruction of the tubes through which coffee is poured . taste of our drinks will be much worse.

    Regular descaling is the easiest way to efficiently use the coffee machine, trouble-free use of the iron and clean water from the kettle.