For home

    Wessper bags provide the most accurate removal of dirt from various surfaces, thanks to the optimal suction power of the vacuum cleaner. The HOMELINE line has been designed to be perfectly suited to household vacuum cleaners with a very small dirt container. The bags are available in synthetic and paper version. They speed up cleaning and make it extremely comfortable.

    PROLINE bags

    For industry

    Manufactured for industrial vacuum cleaners designed to remove harder dirt than home-made – a team of specialists took care of the higher strength of the bags. In most models, the capacity of the bags has also been increased to meet the requirements of vacuuming the dirt in the garage or those created during various renovations. They are perfect for removing dust, fine debris, shavings. The bags are made of durable paper and synthetic nonwoven. The selection of the highest quality materials allows for comfortable vacuuming without the risk of bag rupture.

    Paper bags are usually made of two layers of special paper, thanks to which our products are more durable than other paper bags available on the market. They allow to maintain the optimal suction power of the vacuum cleaner and effectively retain all impurities inside. They are equipped with handles that make it easier to place them in the vacuum cleaner, and then conveniently pull out the already filled bag. They are extremely popular among people who care about the environment because they are 100% biodegradable.
    We used many layers of microfiber in synthetic bags, thanks to which they are extremely durable, resistant to tearing and moisture. To preserve their high quality, the edges of the bags are welded in a suitable way, which prevents cracking in the event of overfilling. Microfiber nonwoven also has a very important property, which is to adapt to the dimensions of the vacuum cleaner container. This means that synthetic sacks, the same size as paper ones, have a larger capacity and contain more impurities. The material used effectively stops the smallest particles of dust and allergens, which allows effective removal of impurities causing allergic reactions

    Why is it worth to choose single-use bags?

    With single-use bags, cleaning can be quick and convenient, just pull the bag out of the vacuum cleaner and throw it away. What’s more, when cleaning linen reusable sacks, some of the impurities contained in them get outside – so using synthetic or paper bags is much more hygienic and healthier, especially for allergy sufferers.

    Our bags are designed for different models of vacuum cleaners. To choose the best matching bag, check which vacuum cleaner model you have. This information can be found on the nameplate, usually on the bottom of the device. Knowing the model of the vacuum cleaner, choosing the bags is a matter of a few minutes, all you need to do is check the compatibility on the bags’ packaging.

    Wessper bags

    • They have wide compatibility, fit many vacuum cleaner models
    • Bag holders allow convenient mounting of the bags and then pulling the bag full.

    Paper bags

    • Made of durable paper.
    • They effectively stop dirt from inside the bag.
    • Are 100% recyclable.

    Synthetic sacks

    • Made of multilayer microfiber.
    • Effectively retain dust particles and allergens.
    • Have welded edges to prevent cracks.
    • They adapt in size to the size of the vacuum cleaner container.