WESSPER AquaClaro water filter for the coffee machine

    1 Number of pieces in the package WES043

    Product Description


    The filter provides:
    – Exceptional aroma and taste of coffee
    – Stable foam that does not separate from milk
    – Longer trouble-free operation of the coffee machine

    Capacity: 50l / 250 cups / 2 months

    Filter composition: activated carbon, ion exchange resin.

    Purpose: Krups*, Bosch*, Nivona*, Gaggenau*, AEG-Electrolux* espresso machines


    Technical Specifications


    Capacity 50l / 250 cups / 2 months


    AEG-Electrolux CA FAMOSA CF 120, CA FAMOSA CF 500, CA FAMOSA CF 85, CA FAMOSA CF 90, CA FAMOSA CF100, CA FAMOSA CF500, CF 300 CA FAMOSA, CF 400 CAFAMOSA, CF 500 CAFAMOSA, CF100, CF120, CF200, CF300, CF400, CF500, CF85, CF90, CF95, CF95, EA 1000
    Bosch TCA6001, TCA6001, TCA600101, TCA600102, TCA600103, TCA600104, TCA6001CH01, TCA6001CH02, TCA6001CH03, TCA6001CH04, TCA6001UC02, TCA6001UC03, TCA6001UC04, TCA60F902, TCA60F903, TCA60F904, TCA6301, TCA6301, TCA630101, TCA630102, TCA630103, TCA630104, TCA630105, TCA6301CH02, TCA6301CH03, TCA6301CH04, TCA6301CH05, TCA6301UC02, TCA6301UC03, TCA6301UC04, TCA6701, TCA670101, TCA670102, TCA670103, TCA670104, TCA670105, TCA6701CH01, TCA6701CH02, TCA6701CH03, TCA6701CH04, TCA6701CH05, TCA6709, TCA6709, TCA670902, TCA670903, TCA670904, TCA670905, TCA6709CH02, TCA6709CH03, TCA6709CH04, TCA6709CH05, TKN68E75001, TKN68E75002, TKN68E75003, TKN68E75004, TKN68E750B01, TKN68E750B02, TKN68E750B03, TKN68E750B04, TKN68E75103, TKN68E75104, TKN68E75GB03, TKN68E75GB04, TKN68E75UC02, TKN68E75UC03
    GAGGENAU CM200110, CM20011001, CM20011002, CM20011003, CM20011004, CM20013002, CM20013003, CM20013004, CM20061001, CM20061002, CM20061003, CM20063002, CM20063003, CM21011004, CM21011005, CM21011006, CM21011007, CM21013004, CM21013005, CM21013006, CM21013007, CM21071003, CM21071004
    KRUPS 7760N CV, 77V60...C, Artese, C7660, C7660N0, C7660N0GB, C7660N1, C7660N1GB, EA 829D, EA 829D, EA 850B, EA 850B, EA693E, EA8005, EA8010, EA8050, EA8080, EA8105, EA8107, EA8108, EA810B, EA8150, EA815E, EA8160, EA8161, EA8165, EA816B, EA8250, EA826E, EA8298, EA829D, EA829E, EA829E, EA8432, EA8441, EA850B, EA8808, EA9010, XN410T, XP 4070, XP2000, XP2020, XP4000, XP4020, XP4050, XP5000, XP5050, XP5080, XP5210, XP7200, XP7240
    NIVONA 610, 620, 626, 630, 635, 646, 650, 710, 720, 725, 730, 740, 745, 750, 757, 765, 767, 770, 777, 830, 831, 840, 845, 850, 855
    Siemens Benvenuto, TCA6001, TCA6301, TCA6701, TCA6709