WESSPER AquaMax Protect water filter

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    Product Description


    A specialized filter for very hard water. Professionally developed composition of the filter mixture ensures very effective operation. Nullifies the taste and odor fo chlorine. Reduces water hardness by removing calcium ions. Purified water is perfect for household appliances, such as: coffee maker, iron, kettle. Aditionally it eliminates the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine.

    Technical Specifications


    Durability: up to 200 l
    Filter composition: Filtering mesh, silver impregnated activated carbon, ion exchange resin, filtering grid
    Casing material: PP


    Dafi Astra, Omega, Sintra, UNIMAX
    BRITA Marella, Elemaris, Aluna, Fjord, MAXTRA, MAVEA
    Aquaphor Agat, Amethyst, Orion, MAXFOR
    Bosch TASSIMO
    Wessper AquaMax